Bitcoin Debit Card USA

At present the only Bitcoin debit card provider with licenses for the US market is the cryptocurrency service provider, a worldwide operating FinTech, founded in 2016. Other companies may have waitlists for US customers, but with unclear launch dates.

Short Overview of available Crypto Debit Cards in the USA

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Card Type CRO Stake (USD value) CRO Rewards Free ATM Withdr./month ATM Fee
(After free limit)
Airport Lounge Access Annual Fees
Obsidian $400,000.00 2% – 8% $1,000.00 2.00% Yes, +1Guest Visit Offer
Rose Gold & Icy White $40,000.00 1.75% – 5% $1,000.00 2.00% Yes, +1Guest Visit Offer
Royal Indigo & Jade $4,000.00 1.5% – 3% $800.00 2.00% Yes Visit Offer
Ruby Steel $400.00 1% – 2% $400.00 2.00% Visit Offer
Midnight Blue $0.00 1.00% $200.00 2.00% Visit Offer

bitcoin against usdBitcoin debit cards are bank cards that can be used to make Bitcoin payments in places that do not yet support direct Bitcoin payments. The crypto cards basically store cryptocurrency, but at the moment of payment, the digital currency is converted into fiat money, so the recipient is ultimately paid in USD (EUR, etc.). Bitcoin debit cards are therefore a great invention for those who want to use their cryptocurrencies more actively in the real world.

Strictly speaking, Bitcoin debit cards are prepaid cards. The money that can be spent has to be loaded onto the card account beforehand. One main difference with credit cards is that you have to have the money you want to spend already in your account.

A few years ago, in the early days of bitcoin debit cards, there were initially “anonymous” cards. That is, you didn’t have to do any ID verification to get such a card. Due to the ever-increasing regulation of the enormously growing crypto market, this is no longer possible today. If you want to have such a banking card, you have to verify yourself and additionally prove whether you live in a country where the use of the respective Bitcoin debit card service is supported.

Bitcoin debit card providers namely require regional licenses. Most card providers currently have mainly permission to offer their service in Europe. In the U.S., for the said licensing reasons, there is only one provider so far: Not even Coinbase has yet managed to make its Bitcoin debit card available for the US market.

However, the fact that US Americans can obtain the card from is pleasing. Especially since has quite a competitive offer, as you can see in comparison to the other providers on the world market and especially in Europe. On our home page you can find in comparison with other Bitcoin debit card providers.

Since there is only one Bitcoin debit card for the USA at the moment, we want to take a close look at this provider. Below you will find a detailed review of the USA bitcoin debit card provider.

Bitcoin Debit Card USA – At the Moment only by visa USA Bitcoin debit, is a company created in 2016 and its thinking is based on individual financial sovereignty.

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We are observing the influence that Bitcoin has in the financial world, in the same way we see how many countries, banks or economic entities prevent some users from buying cryptocurrencies by putting obstacles and impediments of any kind. This is where takes center stage, the team was created to provide users with digital, financial and personal sovereignty. In other words, the goal is to turn the cryptocurrency vision into a real wallet.

It is a new Banking, it is a transformation, and we are coming to an acceleration of traditional banking. Banks are used to abusive commissions and to implement rules that come close to usury. Currently in countries like China are beginning to stop paying in cash and use card payments to avoid costs, send money from one person to another without any expense. These changes are not being well assimilated by banks and consequently other types of banks are emerging to take advantage of cryptocurrencies.

crypto com card tiersIn you can exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat, the banks charge very high commissions. It is a company that you can open an account and can generate 50 dollars if you use your own link.

You can buy in several countries cryptocurrencies with your credit or debit card. You can exchange cryptocurrencies within the application without charging commission, they charge when you withdraw cash from the application and they are very small commissions. You can send money to all your contacts at no cost. Their currency is the MCO is a mobile app, so the user can easily access it thanks to the app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

The team consists of Bobbby Bao (Head of Corporate Development), Kris Marszalek (CEO), Rafael Melo (CFO) and Gary Or (CTO).

The thinking behind is the same as that of the thinker Andreas Antonopoulos, namely that a centralized system should not have a monopoly on personal information and be able to intercept who or what it wants. The platform allows users to easily access their assets and distribute them wherever they choose.

Bitcoin Debit Card USA Regulations

First you have to set up your name and contact information, such as phone number and email.

It complies with KYC, AML and PSD2 regulations by making use of biometric identification such as fingerprint and facial recognition, so to provide proof of address and identity, you only need to present a passport, ID card, driver’s license, etc. Once these requirements are done the application asks you for a cross reference of your face along with its ID. The application itself reports a waiting time of 1 to 3 days, but it usually takes only a few hours.

It is true that at the moment setting up fiat payments takes some time and with limitations on some currencies, these include the US dollar, British pound, Euro and Singapore dollar.

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The wallet

The team, the payment system is associated with more than 120 major brands and more than 60,000 different products.

You can buy 7 fiat currencies and 53 cryptocurrencies. One of the differences with the Celsius investment wallet is that you don’t have to invest in the platform. wallet is a product that is far from the rest of its competitors allowing to store large amounts of about 60 digital assets.

Bitcoin Debit Card USA Plans – Types of Cards

They are cards associated with Visa and have a very variable range of debit cards, and that at the same time are backed with the fiat currency of your choice, providing different benefits depending on the model chosen.

#1 Midnight Blue Card

midnight blueThis is the most basic MCO debit card. It has a 1% disbursement on any purchase made with it.

It has an ATM withdrawal limit of $200 or £200. The monthly interbank fee limit is $2,000.

#2 Ruby Steel Card

With this card,’s net benefits come into play. It has 2% back on all purchases, and double the ATM limits. The ATM limit is $400 or £400.

Another benefit is that if you subscribe to Spotify you get full cash back ($9.99/month). The cards are made of metal.

To unlock the benefits of another bank card you must invest 50 MCO which is currently equivalent to £138.

#3 Jade Green and Royal Indigo card

royal indigo, jade green & ruby steel cardThese cards also referred to as precious metal cards, include that cardholders are allowed access to various ranges of airport lounges around the world.

Both cards provide a 3 % cash back percentage on purchases, 100 % on Spotify and also Netflix up to a purchase value of $11.99.

They have an ATM limit of $800.

Monthly interbank rate limit of (0.5 % and up) – $10,000.

For unlocking the benefits associated with both cards you have to stake 500 MCO or the equivalent of 1,380 pounds for a minimum time of 3 months.

#4 Icy White and Rose Gold cards

obsidian frosted roseThese cards surpass even the so-called precious metal cards in benefits, offering 4 % cashback on all purchases, 100 % discounts on Netflix and Spotify, 10 % cashback percentage on bookings and payments with Expedia.

Allows card recipients access to any number of international airport lounges and one guest.

ATM limit of $1,000.

Monthly interbank fee limit (0.5% thereafter) – $15,000.

To get these benefits users must have more than 5,000 MCOs in the network for more than 3 months. The equivalent is £13,800 which would be stored to generate interest.

#5 Obsidian Black Card

This is the most comprehensive of all, available on and carries extensive benefits for its users. If you are a frequent traveler, this is the one for you.

The Obsidian Black card gets all the benefits of Icy White and Rose Gold, but with the advantage of getting 10% cash back on all payments made on Airbnb and an additional 5% cash back on any purchase.

To get it you have to deposit 50,000 MCO, equivalent to 138,000 pounds, so if you have money available you can have a very interesting interest.

Earn with – Interest Accounts not only allows you to store, buy, sell and spend digital assets, as by using Crypto Earn within the wallet, you can lock in cryptocurrencies and earn interest rates. The downside is that you have to have a certain amount of MCOs purchased, with various levels of interest.

To achieve this process you just need to press the ‘+’ icon on the Earn page, then select the cryptocurrencies supported by

The money you can receive will depend on how long you want to keep it and the amount of MCO you bet to have.

Specifically for Bitcoin there are 3 options:

Flexible Staking

Provides a small amount of earnings over time compared to other methods.

2% annual profit and $20 on a $1000 stake.
1 month term

You have to choose to store the bitcoin for one month, the coin is held in escrow, it is automatically unlocked at the end of the month.

4 % annual profit and $40 on a $1,000 share.
3 months term

Assets must be held for a minimum of 3 months, but cannot be taken out of the wallet in this time.

6% of annual profit and $60 on a $1,000 share.

There is no limit on the amount of bitcoins or cryptocurrencies you can invest. If you choose to stake 500 MCO the interest rates are much better. Credits

We have already commented that cryptocurrencies can be invested for dividends, but in the same way you can borrow fiat money against them. There are amounts as is logical that will depend on Crypto Credit.

The minimum required is $100 in digital assets and with a maximum amount of $1 million. One advantage offers is that the time frame is one year, offering good flexibility in interest rate payments.

If you bet on more than 500 MCO the platform can get better interest rates by reducing it from 12% to 8%.

Latest Additions

One of the newly added features is the inclusion of price alerts on cryptocurrencies.

To buy a particular cryptocurrency, you select it in the same menu of a wallet, enter the desired amount, choose a credit card or even choose its associated fiat wallet.

As reported by the team, this allows users to be informed of the prices of more than 200 virtual currencies.

It also has the ability to build a crypto wallet, as it has automatic quantitative trading strategies, being able to be configured in minutes, from the highest crypto reaching the worst in the market.

It currently operates in South Korea, Singapore, the United States, some Asian countries and in Europe, to later continue with Central and South America.

Bitcoin Debit Cards for USA – Brief Summary is a platform that uses blockchain technology, which is used to make and receive payments in cryptocurrencies, including being able to invest and get loans with them.

The purpose is the solution of financial needs, using the usual payments from any country in the world, offering currency conversion, including fiat money.

Their proposal is to offer different debit cards supported by VISA and depending on the particular needs of the beneficiaries.

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